The biggest outsourcing project in telecommunications in the Czech Republic comprehensively ensured the law firm Pokorný, Wagner & partneři

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Law office Pokorný, Wagner & partneři acted as the exclusive legal advisor in a key strategic project Outsourcing Telco prepared by the CEZ Group. A dedicated team of associates of the law firm led by partner Mr. David Skopal and attorney Mr. Tomáš Ščerba ensured comprehensive legal support in setting an appropriate transaction model of the project and preparation of relevant contractual documentation, including complex draft of the outsourcing contract.


Part of this approximately three years intensive ongoing preparations for this extremely important project was the establishment of a new telecom operator in the Czech Republic, its optimization and increase its registered share capital, consisting in non-cash contribution in the amount of more than half a billion CZK.


Last but not least, Pokorný, Wagner & partneři also participated in the launch of the negotiated tender procedure with publication pursuant to the Act on Public Contracts with the aim to find suitable strategic partner for CEZ Group, which will be able to guarantee proper delivery of selected commodity and non-commodity telecommunication services.

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