Pokorný, Wagner & Partners, s.r.o., Attorneys-at-Law

Mechanical Engineering and Industry

An important segment in the range of legal specialisations offered by Pokorný, Wagner & Partners is the provision of advice to leading companies engaging in mechanical engineering and industry. This relates both to the day-to-day provision of legal aid to clients in their business activities, including the preparation and review of sector contracts, participation in negotiations and representation in judicial proceedings, etc., e.g. in respect of important sales of companies or their parts effectuated by clients from this field, and client participation in public procurement proceedings and other tenders.

  • The sale of company property (the sale of an enterprise or any part thereof, individual assets, company shares, and the transfer of divested units)
  • The resolution of old environmental burdens and subsidy policies
  • The purchase of technologies and development platforms
  • The introduction of products and industrial components on relevant markets
  • Competition
  • Company participation in public procurement