Pokorný, Wagner & Partners, s.r.o., Attorneys-at-Law

Information and Communication Technologies Law

One of the important areas in which Pokorný, Wagner & Partners provides its legal services on a daily basis is ICT law.

  • The provision of advice on cyber and information security
  • Performing analyses on segmentation and the regulatory framework of telecommunication operators and other entities operating on the telecommunications market, including the preparation of client and wholesale contracts
  • The preparation of adequate models of information, data, telecommunications, and other types of outsourcing and process or workflow optimisation
  • Legal aspects of telecommunications operations in the automotive, energy, and transport industries
  • Legal aspects of new technologies and technological platforms (such as autonomously driven vehicles, drones, and robotic systems, including elements of artificial intelligence)
  • Consulting on cloud solutions, service of electronic documents, the saving and archiving of data in reliable repositories, and the comprehensive management of electronic documents
  • The provision of advice on smart power networks, new generation data networks, telephonic and data communication, as well as making corresponding revisions to technical solutions
  • Representation in administrative proceedings before the Czech Telecommunications Office (licensing and sanctioning proceedings) and the National Security Authority